Real Dialogue

Real Dialogue is a unique co-facilitated method designed to assist with “difficult conversations” that occur in any life situation in which emotionally activated parties need to move through conflict and negotiation to make decisions together.


Organizational teams and pairs can benefit from using Real Dialogue to increase emotional space, engage in transformative conflict, and enhance their skills for optimal team performance and engagement.


Real Dialogue aims to reduce, and transform dehumanizing behaviors during conflicts. It is used by mediators, life coaches, leaders, educators, pastors, and those who specialize in Restorative Practices.

Courage & Renewal

The Center for Courage & Renewal exists to nurture deep integrity and relational trust, building the foundation for a more loving, equitable, and healthy world.


Find programs, resources, and connections to help renew your courageous spirit, amplify your inner teacher, and cultivate the stamina to keep showing up for yourself, others, and the causes you care about.

Center for Medicinal Mindfulness

The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness, based in Boulder, CO, is one of the first legal psychedelic therapy clinics in North America. We have led thousands of people through Cannabis-Assisted and Ketamine-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy sessions that have brought major breakthroughs in their lives.

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