Guided Psychedelic Cannabis Journeys

What Can I Expect from a Psychedelic Cannabis Journey?

Who is Psychedelic Cannabis for?

People new to psychedelics who want to journey with a powerful and safe medicine
People who have tried traditional therapies and have not been satisfied with the result
Experienced psychonauts who are curious and want to experience a guided psychedelic cannabis ceremony
People who are suffering from depression, PTSD, anxiety, trauma, and feelings of meaninglessness
People who believe in the power of psychedelic medicines to heal trauma on an individual and societal level and want to be part of a larger community that is working towards that goal

Psychedelic Cannabis Testimonials

Certificate of Completion

Medical Mindfulness Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy Certificate of Completion

Peggy was certified by Medicinal Mindfulness as a mindfulness-based psychedelic guide in April 2024. Her certification includes training in Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy and the Psychedelic Sitters School program.

Psychedelic Cannabis Ceremony Protocol

Each Conscious Cannabis-Assisted Conscious Psychedelic Therapy™ package includes a comprehensive 10-hour program structured to ensure safety, effectiveness, and personal growth. The protocol is divided into several sessions designed to support participants from preparation to integration:

Safety Assessment and Intention Setting (2 hours):
This initial session is crucial for establishing a safe and supportive environment. Participants undergo a thorough safety assessment to ensure they are well-prepared for the experience. Additionally, this time is used to set clear, personal intentions which guide the journey sessions.

Journey Sessions (Two sessions, 3 hours each):
Participants will engage in two separate journey sessions, each lasting 3 hours. These sessions are scheduled within 1-2 days of each other. The journeys are facilitated using psychedelic cannabis, tailored to meet the intentions set during the first session.

Integration Sessions (Two sessions, 1 hour each):
After completing the journey sessions, participants will undergo two integration sessions, each one hour long. These sessions are designed to help participants process their experiences, integrate insights into their daily lives, and make meaningful changes based on their journeys.

Total Duration:
The entire package spans approximately ten hours, structured over several days to maximize the therapeutic benefits and ensure a profound, transformative experience.
This structured approach allows participants to deeply explore their inner worlds in a safe and guided setting, facilitating profound personal and spiritual growth.

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